What Is The Optimal Shower Valve Height From The Floor?

The correct height is often ignored when you mount the shower equipment.

Shower valve height and sprout height are important for comfort and ease of use.

If adjusted very low, it may be painful and frustrating to shower and if you adjust it too high, it may be impossible to access it properly.

You must consider the users and form of the showerhead in choosing the perfect height for the spout and valve.

Here are some of the things that you should know about shower valve installation.

Things to note before installing

Before you mount a valve onto a wall, you will have to remember a few things.

Any city might just have construction regulations to follow for the installation of equipment.

Use online research to learn about local fitting regulations regarding height.

You should contact the local court for more details if the information is not accessible online.

If your region does not have any regulations about the height of the shower valve, take your personal preferences into account prior to implementation.

Know what the other users of your bathroom may want the height to be for convenience.

One way to do this is to stand in the shower, run around your hands and evaluate where your hand should be for the best height.

Label the location with a masking tape tag.

Take into account the other bathroom users and then calculate the mean number suitable to everybody by taking an average for everyone.

Standard choices

The installation of a valve about 38 to 45 inches off the floor is generally suggested.

Does your shower area act as a bath? If it does, the valve should be equipped to handle the seated bathers 8 – 18 inches up the tub spout.

Showerheads should be 80 inches higher than the floor of the tub or shower; but, according to the showerhead, acceptable heights will differ.

If showerheads are mounted in frequently visited areas where users with different heights like inside hotel rooms, can be located.

Showerheads above ground more than 80 inches are recommended to adapt to all heights.

The most optimal choices

Handheld showerheads have a separate, portable showerhead and should be fixed within a specific range.

Handheld showerheads are helpful for you if you’re one of the families with multiple children and they can satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of heights out of which, the most recommended number is 70 to 80 inches.

Rain showerheads are constructed for use directly on the user’s head with a long arm’s reach.

The rain shower head is ideal for users of widely different heights and areas with low ceilings.

To accomplish this, these showerheads are recommended to be 84 inches over the floor of the shower area.

How about other accessories?

You can do the trick yourself easily by using showerhead accessories without increasing the installation site.

For instance, a swivel S adapter may be appropriate for your requirements.

You can adjust the angle of your showerhead to lower or increase height if necessary with the pivoting ball adapter.

An adjustable arm can be your best friend if you are looking for dynamic adjustment.

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