What Is The Ideal Height For A Shower Head?

When adjusting the height of your showerhead, there’s no definite set of requirements written in stone.

There are many factors at play in this like how tall are the users going to be and what will be the style of the head.

Here we will explain such factors.


Height of users

The height of your shower head does not require a specific code of regulations.

However, the height of everyday shower-takers does actually impact the placement of the showerhead.

Normally, a number that is taken as a close estimate around the globe is 80 inches or in other words, 6 feet 8 inches.

It is sufficiently large for most people around the world since an average human being is way below the 6 feet 8-inch mark, so it’s even sufficient for people who have an above-average.

Public places such as resorts, guest houses, or hotels normally place them on a higher point in the walls.

This is done to accommodate even the tallest people who check.

Most hotels prefer handheld showerheads because of this very purpose.

If you attempt to figure out the optimal level for your showering device in the family, the height of the tallest person in your family must be measured first.

Add a safety cushion of like 3 centimeters after the baseline has been obtained.

Having an additional 3 cm provides the tallest person in your house with enough room to avoid being injured in his head and have a comfortable shower.


These are suitable for all height levels and age groups because they offer good coverage regardless of how tall the person is.

Rains showers are usually used to get the effect of tropical rain pouring down on you but that won’t be possible if you install it right next to your own head.

We suggest that you set up an 84-inch clearance from the floor for this type of head, giving everyone in the family ample room.


These devices have a 3-to-6-foot flexible hose that enables you to move them around in the shower.

For families with kids or people who have pets, this type is an excellent choice.

You can easily bathe young children with a controlled, gentle release of water.

Some of the handheld showerheads have sliding bars that allow you to move their bases up and down while some of them have their bases fixed in a wall.

An adjustable sliding bar will solve all your problems but even if you install a fixed handheld shower, you should consider an optimum choice between 70 to 80 inches.


Combination showerheads will help you cater to everyone’s needs without worrying about how tall the shower is or the way it disperses water.

It usually is a combination of a handheld, adjustable construct and a rainfall design for accommodating all the people from younger children to tall adults.

78 inches is one of the most used thresholds for a shower combo.

Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Kaalimbar Vazentini

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