What Is A Rain Shower Head?

Rain shower heads are a perfect alternative to the heads we typically use in our showers.

They comprise of head sizes that are considerably bigger and we usually install them above the space of our own heads.

They replicate the feeling that one would have during natural rainfall.

The only difference is that using a rain-shower is much more hygienic than showering out there in actual rain.

These rain-shower heads are very much different than the typical showerheads we see everyday installed in a bathroom.

If you want to add or replace one from your own bathroom, such variations are crucial.

In this article, we will explore some features of the product.

Let’s look at them one by one.


1. Size

A lot of people refer to them as rain heads.

Rain showerheads are usually greater in size and longer than the standard showerheads we see every day in bathrooms.

This attribute is due to the fact that we normally install them directly over the head, helping it shower water smoothly on a body.

You don’t actually receive a direct, concentrated spray of water on you.

Therefore, you’ll get a more spa-like experience.

It still needs more space for you to properly configure it in the bathroom, though.

The standard showerhead we normally see is indeed far smaller than the rain showerhead in terms of overall size.

2. Height And Width

Before you settle for the rain shower head, you also have to ensure that there is enough space in your bathroom to incorporate it.

They are usually bigger, as we discussed earlier, and use a much larger area than the typical showerheads.

These ones are much longer and broader than their normal showerheads counterparts.

Due to this, you will have to make sure that there is adequate space for installation and use.

3. Fitting And Operation

You will most probably need to fit them horizontally as compared to the normal showerheads, which use vertically fitting.

The rain heads sprinkle water down on you while the traditional heads make it flow out.

You may need a separate hardware accessory to install them at a 90-degree angle.

To a certain level, the shower can decrease.

Therefore, you will have to ensure that there’s enough room in the bathroom for a comfortable shower session.

If you can’t manage to find enough space on the wall, you will then have to mount the showerhead onto the ceiling.

4. Water Pressure

Heads of Rain Shower often give mild, rainy shower.

You can even adjust some of them to regulate the pressure as per your own preference.

Despite this, they are still able to supply you with sufficient water pressure.

5. Price

This aspect tends to make people choose conventional heads over rain showers because of their low price.

However, considering the high-quality design and better showering experience, you shouldn’t think much about it.

Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Kaalimbar Vazentini

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