What Is A High-Pressure Shower Head?

One of the most important aspects of an enjoyable shower experience is water pressure.

Regrettably, many homes do not have adequate water pressure for a refreshing shower experience. Low water pressure is a common issue in high-rise residential buildings, trailers, rural homes, and even yachts for a number of reasons.

Installing a high-pressure shower head is a great solution to this. Continue reading to find out what it is and how you can select the best ones for your needs.


What is it?

A high-pressure showerhead is a type of showerhead that produces more water pressure with the same amount of water flowing through it.

Adjustable settings for dispensing or a pressure chamber configuration are good ways to accomplish this. Settings for a controllable spray can simply condense the spray to a smaller but more powerful. The pressure chamber, the other component, works by forcing the water out at a higher pressure and mixing air and pressure to it.

The benefits

Improved washing

The high pressure of water will allow you to wash easily.

Better feeling on the body

A lot of people relate high water pressure with a better showering experience in the bathroom, especially on a cold winter morning.


High-pressure showers use a smaller quantity of water to create the same pressure that we experience in an ordinary showerhead.

Notable features

Apart from the aesthetic preferences like finishing and design, there are many other important features that you should look for in a high-pressure showerhead. Here are a few of them.


There are a few basic design considerations when it comes to high-pressure showerheads starting from handheld and wall-mounted and going to the three-way and rain shower head types. Depending on your bathroom’s size and layout, you can choose any model.


This is a very subjective choice and there are hundreds of different designs available in the market to choose from. Make sure you select a showerhead with finishing that complements the look of your bathroom and other equipment like faucets, flush lever, drawer pulls, etc.

Different spray patterns

High-pressure showerheads exude a lot of force when dispensing water out but it’s the different variations in the spray patterns that control the comfort level of the shower.

Many of the showerheads in the market consist of controllable spray patterns, providing as many as 8 options from soaking rain and powerful streams to pulsating massage and gentle mist.

Rate of Flow

The unit for a flow rate for high-pressure showerheads is gallons per minute of GPM, defining the quantity of water that flows through a showerhead.

It’s important that you understand this metric before buying a high-pressure head because water and energy conservation both depend on it.

Other optional features

Many showering equipments in the market come with smart features that improve their comfort, increase convenience and enhance safety with options like light-control, Bluetooth speakers, automatic motion sensing, music playing, temperature settings, etc.

Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Kaalimbar Vazentini

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