How To Take Apart A Delta Shower Head?

The poor performance of the showerhead is likely to decrease water flow and abrupt water sprays.

And it can be an indication that your fittings or plumbing may have some substance buildups that clogged the nozzles, filter, or spray holes.

To make your showerhead work normal again, you will have to take apart the delta showerhead and clean each part.

This procedure is often known as disassembling of the system.

Delta showerheads are usually designed with a simple easy-to-disassemble structure so that many people can regularly check and repair without calling a professional.

Here is how you can take apart the delta shower head.



Cover the collar nut and the head with a hand towel.

A collar nut is what joins the head spray with the shower arm.

Make sure that you keep a copy of angled joints that comes from the wall and shower arm.

It will save your showerhead from potential scratches or reparations from your equipment.


Grip the shower arm using pliers or a wrench and then hold the collar screw with a pair of nose pliers.

Rotate pliers anticlockwise to open the screws.

Hold the pivot nut using the pipe wrench and rotate it anticlockwise to have a free showerhead from the angled pipe.

Now you can safely remove the showerhead from its fixtures.


When you completed steps 1 and 2, you can then reach the inside’s end using your hands or needle-nose pliers, a grip, or a rubber washer and then pull the entire system out gently.

Now extract the water restrictors and dirty filter based on your chief purpose of doing this job.

For instance, you may be doing this to remove and replace a dirty filter.

You can use a needle-nose plier to remove the filter and look into it to ensure that the showerhead contains a plastic disc with a metallic slot that is a water flow regulator or water restrictor.

Removing the water restrictor requires you to lightly wedge its awl tip situated under the edge and put on slight pressure downward to remove it.

Many designers often create their showerheads so that you can easily remove the water restrictors using your hands.

In case, your showerhead has screws on the front side of the faceplate, simply remove the nuts and open the plate.


The main purpose of this whole task is to clean the showerhead.

Make a solution of distilled water and white vinegar and soak the showerhead in it for 30 minutes and then dry it by wiping it out.

If it has mineral buildup, use an old toothbrush to take them off.

Wipe all components and fix them back into the shower system.

It is suggested to do this procedure once a month to keep your showerhead clean particularly if no filters are installed in the water supply.

Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Kaalimbar Vazentini

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