How To Remove A Stuck Shower Arm?

Showers not working properly can be extremely annoying and irritating to deal with.

Shower problems, unluckily emerge inevitably over time.

It is not always the valve or showerhead that is causing issues.

The shower arm can also be problematic if it got stuck.

Many showerheads screw onto the end of the threaded shower pipe and removing it as simple as loosening the connection.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you solve that problem.

This could be a quick process if the materials buildup hasn’t got much worse.

If it is the case, you will have to get more tools and do more work to complete the job.


Get your tools ready

The necessary tool you will require to do the task includes a wrench, a vise grip, and a step ladder.

If it is covered in minerals buildup or a layer of rust, you will require additional products for cleaning.

It may include a metal lubricant, rubber gloves, some dry rags, limescale remover, and vinegar.

Turn off the water supply

Shut off the valve that supplies water to the shower before starting to work with the shower arm.

Turn the supply off in a way that is convenient for you.

Prepare to remove

Place the step ladder under the arm that you want to take off and keep a vise grip in your one hand.

Now use the vise grip to halt it.

Attempt to loosen the shower

After immobilizing it, you can start working on removing the arm with the help of a wrench.

Tighten the wrench over the nut of the showerhead and begin rotating it anticlockwise.

It will probably start moving and it would be easy for you to take it out.

In case it isn’t moving, stop rotating the wrench and you will have to do cleaning first.

Use vinegar to clean

When the arm is stuck, cleaning it with vinegar can assist in freeing it up.

Put on your gloves before starting the cleaning process.

Then add some vinegar into a bowl and soak one of your rags in the vinegar.

Put that vinegar-soaked onto the showerhead connector nut and leave it there for 15 minutes.

After that, remove the vinegar-soaked rag and clean the area with the same rag.

Now try to unscrew it with the help of a wrench.

In case the arm remains stuck, it means that cleaning of rust is not enough and you are required to clean the mineral accumulation as well.

It can be challenging to pull off a stuck arm from the wall if you don’t have the appropriate tools.

Still, there is no need to spend a lot of money on calling a pro plumber for this task.

Using the appropriate tools and a bit of practice, you can remove it easily from the wall.

Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Kaalimbar Vazentini

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