How To Raise Shower Head Height?

Homeowners usually think that they can’t raise the height of the showerhead without hiring a plumber.

Luckily, anyone can do this job and can easily raise the height using some simple steps that are given below.

Moreover, the whole task requires a few minutes and doesn’t generate a mess.

Let’s start with the step by step guide.


Remove worn-out fixtures

Unscrew the showerhead from the wall.

If you are thinking to change it, ignore the old one.

Use your hands to loosen it or use a wrench if the fittings are tighter.

Remove old plumber’s tape.

Add in the new one

Take the S pipe and cover the linear grooves with a plumber’s tape.

Attach the pipe so that the upper side of the pipe will be directing towards you while having a shower.

Add a small disk beside the wall and install the S pipe into the wall.

Make sure that it is not much tight.

Now install the showerhead onto the S and fix it.

Set its position properly based on your own preferences.

Test it out

Check it out by turning it on.

Ensure that there are no sprays, drips, or explosions.

If there is no such issue, it means that you have done your job successfully.

There are also some tools that you can use to raise the showerhead.

Some of them are given below:

The S arm

This kind of shower arm is extremely durable but to install this, you need to remove the current arm from the wall.

Even though it is one of the strong choices as it is fixed to the wall, it will not offer the flexibility as other choices.

Still, it will offer you a good balance of durability and height.

The adjustable arm

It is the affordable and easiest method to raise the head height.

An adjustable arm is attached to the current arm and serves as an extension where you can connect your current showerhead.

You can use that adjustable arm to raise or lower the height by releasing the wing-nut fixtures and fixing them again in your desired position.

The slide bar

The shower slide bar involves mounting the bar to the wall and then the handheld showerhead connected to the slide bar’s holder.

By sliding the holder up and down the path of the pole of the slide bar, you can easily adjust the height of the system.

Wall-mounted handheld holder

While using a wall-mounted handheld holder, you will see that it lengthens around 3 to 5 inches on different handheld showers.

It is suggested to make use of a wall-mounted holder with your handheld shower set.

These accessories can be secured with tough adhesive or screws.

Selecting the wall-mounted holder sometimes depends on your skill level.

If you can use tools, you can opt for a wall mount that needs drilling.

Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Kaalimbar Vazentini

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