How to Clean Shower Hose (A Complete Guide)

If you are super conscious about your health as well as the safety of the family members, you should give special heed to the cleaning of the shower hose.

It is even more important when you live in a rainy area where moisture can give rise to the accumulation of bacteria.


Why This Is Important?

No matter how much you have cleaned the showerhead, the cleaning process remains incomplete if the pipes are still dirty.

The fact is, it is even more crucial to perfectly clean the hose when you use the shower daily, as the accumulation of minerals can turn out to be smelly as well.

The Process

The process of cleaning is quite easy and you can proceed with it at your home. Today we are going to discuss the efficient DIY techniques of doing this.

So let’s see what’s a catch!

  • Remove it from the shower.
  • It is better to lay in the bath and pour the hot water and vinegar at the same time. However, you can also soak it in the mixture of vinegar and hot water and leave it to soak for a while. We recommend the latter solution.
  • If there is an accumulation of fairly large buildups or the hose is completely blocked, you should repeat the above step by soaking it in the new water and vinegar mixture several times.
  • Limestone removing agents and vinegar are the greatest solutions that help in the cleaning process of a hose. However, if there is an attachment of the pipework, you may find it difficult to do all the cleaning process on your own. In this situation, you can take help from the plumber.

Other Methods

Vinegar and water mixture is not the only solution for hose cleaning. Nowadays, various hose cleaning agents are available in the market that you can buy at affordable rates. However, these commercially available cleaning solutions are often difficult to handle and the chemicals can irritate if they come in direct contact with you.

Want to know the safe solution?

Lemon is acidic and serves as a fantastic antibacterial agent. Pour half cup of lemon juice in the hot water and then soak the hose in it. It will remove the dirt and bacteria within a few hours.


Here are some pro tips that will turn out to be truly helpful in the cleaning process.

  • If it is too dirty and completely blocked, you should take a large quantity of vinegar and dip the whole hose as well as the pipework in it for 24 hours. You will be amazed to see the results. Do not forget to wear gloves while proceeding with this process.
  • Vinegar and baking soda solution can also do wonders when you want the instant cleaning of a hose.

Final Verdict

Though, you can easily find several ingredients that you can use for the cleaning of a hose. However, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are the most convenient solutions. These cleaning agents are not only cheap but also are readily available.

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